Victory – fur farm ban comes into force

The president of the Czech Republic has signed the fur farming prohibition act today. The law now finally comes into force, and the nine remaining farms, which have killed over 20 thousand foxes and minks every year, will have to close by January 2019. This is a victory of the campaign which OBRAZ has led for over two years.

„It is an incredible success of the Czech civil society, which has managed to stand up against the strong agricultural lobby. The Czech Republic has joined the growing number of countries which have abolished fur farms once and for all. The respect for animals has been given priority over the economic interest in killing for fashion. It is a great step for animals as well as for the society as a whole. We thank everyone who has taken part in this success,” said Marek Vorsilka, the chairman of OBRAZ.

“It is important to realise, though, that due to the EU law, it was not possible to ban the import of fur products. That is why we will now focus on consumer education and also support our partner organisations in other countries who strive to adopt fur farm bans on their national levels. I firmly believe that the number of countries banning fur farms will grow, and an EU-wide ban will one day become the reality.”