In March 2015, OBRAZ launched a campaign for a ban on fur farming in the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic, 9 fur farms are currently registered. About 20,000 animals await death on these farms every year. Have a look at the conditions in which these animals live.

The reason why we campaign for a ban on fur farming are not just the horrible condition repeatedly documented on Czech and other fur farms, but also our belief that animals should not be killed for trivial human interests such as fashion decorations. Fur farms have already been directly or indirectly banned in 10 European countries and, according to an opinion survey by CVVM from 2015, 70 % of the Czech citizens want such a ban to be passed in the Czech Republic as well.

We are convinced that the suffering of animals on fur farms and the opinion of the Czech citizens can be no longer overlooked. Thus, we will continue to put extraordinary efforts to include the Czech Republic among countries that have outlawed animal suffering for useless fashion fads. We will persistently negotiate with responsible politicians and highlight this topic in public in various ways.

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