About us

Animal Defenders Czech Republic (OBRAZ) is a new non-profit organization founded to promote active and effective animal protection. Our vision is a society that does not perceive animals as a source of human benefit, but as living beings with their own interests, which should be respected on ethical grounds. We are aware that it is a vision very distant from the current situation. That is why we intend to focus our workaday activities on individual steps which can improve our society’s attitude towards animals, getting closer to our long-term vision gradually.

The establishment of OBRAZ has been inspired by longtime work of the Austrian animal protection movement, especially the association VGT – Verein gegen Tierfabriken. We believe that tangible achievements in the field of animal protection cannot only be achieved by a few people working from the table, but we need to build a strong movement of many motivated activists. Our ambition is to establish an organization that can meaningfully involve a large number of people in animal protection campaigns and create a large base of active members, who will co-create the organization and feel like its full-fledged part.

We intend to focus not only on education of individuals, but also on promoting legal changes and other system reforms. The campaign to ban fur farms in the Czech Republic is the first major initiative that we are going to develop in this area. OBRAZ unreservedly endorses the principle of non-violence and respect for democratic values, which we consider to be the basis for any legitimate efforts for social change for the better.