Ban fur farms? Together we'll make it happen!


Footage from killing for fur, Babis faces public appeal

A fox is hanging upside down and struggling desperately, while an unconcerned farmer is preparing his deadly tools. OBRAZ have released shocking footage from fox and mink slaughter on Czech fur farms.


Once there lived a fox. And then came a human...

Once there lived a beautiful fox. Every day, she would run in her vast kingdom, guarding it and searching for something to eat. And then came a human... View our short film to see what it looks like on a fur farm.


Petition to ban fur farming in the Czech Republic

The new footage has once again shown the horrendous reality of the Czech fur farms. Please sign our new petition and demand a complete ban on far farming in the Czech Republic.

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Animal Defenders Czech Republic (OBRAZ)

Animal Defenders Czech Republic (OBRAZ) is a new non-profit organization founded to promote active and effective animal protection. Our vision is a society that does not perceive animals as a source of human benefit, but as living beings with their own interests, which should be respected on ethical grounds. We are aware that it is a vision very distant from the current situation. That is why we intend to focus our workaday activities on individual steps which can improve our society’s attitude towards animals, getting closer to our long-term vision gradually.